GT3 Audio System Tweak

After the mouse jacked up the wiring, the dealer disconnected my audio system and didn’t want to mess with the re-wiring it. Back when finishing the system, I ended up needing to use a ground loop isolator on the input side of the Mosconi. Even with that there is still some faint audible noise that I want to eliminate.

If you hadn’t seen the series here are the original 9 parts of me doing the install myself.

I connected the wires on night and for some reason the ground loop was worse. It possible the RCAs got damaged a bit when the dealer removed them. I decided to just do an aftermarket head unit in the car.

My friends at Sound In Motion in Boston turned me on to the simple fact that many other countries don’t have a PCM solution. They get an aftermarket Clarion. So that means Porsche has an OEM trim ring for and aftermarket headunit.

It’s $140 at Suncoast, and they had it in stock.

I chose, despite being very unpopular on Instagram and YouTube, to do a Kenwood Excelon DDX-9903S. I didn’t want internal navigation especially since then head unit provide Apple Car Play. That way I can use the much better Apple Maps. It has 5.0V pre-out and is worlds better than the 2007 technology in the PCM head unit.

This time I decided to hire someone to rewire and add the head unit. It’s not as simple as using a Metra-harness like the old days, so I’m glad I went to Ocala Car Audio get it done.


The final result is much better audio. Like, a ton better. I thought is great before. Even the untuned solution with the headunit has cleaner highs, snappier mid-range, and a crap ton more low end. Most importantly, no noise!

Matt Moreman

Matt Moreman

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