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    Hello to you all from Transylvania … Yup … the obsessed community has reached to “Count Dracula” 🙂 no worries …I am not a vampire.

    Where to beginn …. “I made it ! ” I wanted to do a post here a really long time ago, but did not manage cause a busy work schedule. I am 28 years old, and work as a web designer and developer. Previously owned a VW golf MK3 from 97, and now own a BMW 3series 318i from 2006 . I started to get in detailing after repainting the Golf MK3 due to some rust issues about 5 years ago. I consider myself a weekend warrior who is eager to learn more and more. Sometimes I find myself watching videos by Larry Kosilla or by Matt over and over again, and even find my self listening to detailing videos at work an sometimes I end up listening to the sound of the polishing machine (oddly I find it relaxing).  Sometimes i hanging out in my friends garage/detailing shop or working on my car (side note : my garage is kind of for storage only at this moment 🙁 ). Siting most of the tome in fromt of a motor i find my self reading endless numbers of reviews before buying some product. Speaking pf products, i use Nanolex Car Care products at most and a few from Meguiar’s, Sonax and a few more. My car is a daly driver so it’s pretty hard to keep it “dialed in”, recently the car got a Ceramic Coating (2 layers) Nanolex si3d hd and Nanolex si3d to keep the paint protected.

    Tanks for reading my short and compact story!

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