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    I’ve always been around cars – my mother’s family owns the oldest Ford dealership in North Carolina (founded in 1915). Growing up, I was always at “the garage”. Crawling in and out of cars, fiddling with controls, learning how to drive a stick without the car even being turned on – it’s just what we did. My mother drove a dealer tag demo and by the time I was 10 or 11, it was my responsibility to wash it once a week. Dirty cars don’t sell!  When I was 17, I was given my first job at the dealership-I was the assistant wash boy for the summer. I learned hard work that summer, but not much about the actual process of cleaning a car. A few years later, I got promoted to salesman and sold a couple cars that summer. Due to some family issues, I’m no longer really visiting the garage. It’s a little sad, especially not raising my daughter in the same places I was raised, but it is what it is.

    I’ve always tried to keep my cars clean. I understood early on that I should keep my car stuff separate from the rest of the house. Granted, I was using terry cotton bath towels, but I tried. I remember getting a Griots catalog in the mail sometime in the mid or late 90s. That was revolutionary for me. I lusted after all the “toys” and gear, but being a college student in the mountains of NC, it was impractical and out of reach.

    Fast forward to 2007. I asked Santa for a Griots polisher kit for (first generation, I believe). I used it a few times on my 2007 Ford Fusion and generally kept that commuter car looking pretty good. In 2010 I bought a Sterling Gray Mustang GT and got the bug bad. I was in decent shape financially and discovered Autogeek. I bought polishes and pads and soaps and brushed and all sorts of other stuff. I loved that car and kept it pretty dialed in. Polished, engine bay, and especially the interior (I’ve always had a thing for cleaning the interior of a car).

    Then my wife got pregnant. The Mustang had to go (not my choice). I got a Ford Edge, which I didn’t care about, and really didn’t care for, either. I washed it frequently, but nothing more. I missed my “nice” car. The family issues came to a head and I decided that I couldn’t drive a Ford, so I traded the Edge for a Tacoma. I loved that truck-it was fun and could go anywhere. About a year after I got it, the Fukushima disaster had made it virtually impossible to get Tacomas. A local dealer offered me a ton of money for it and I took them up on it and traded it for a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Something about spending what we spent on that SUV made me want to care for it better than my previous 2 vehicles. I started searching YouTube and found Matt – long before the name Obsessed Garage was attached to it formally. I started getting the bug again and buying new chemicals and tools. I got a foam cannon and became the crazy guy in the neighborhood. Lord only knows how much Matt and this group have cost my family over the past 2 years, but there are much worse ways I could spend it. My daughter even gets in the act sometimes, helping me clean wheels and rinse.

    Amazingly enough, I even convinced my wife to talk with the “YouTube car guy” about managing our investments. She laughs as much at his stories now as I do, though she doesn’t watch his videos (gets them secondhand).

    3 months ago, the company I spent the last 7 years with decided to cut its workforce dramatically. I was one of 500 put on involuntary leave for 2 months, then terminated. I got a nice severance and some time to dial in the GC, then started a job with the worlds largest tire distributor. I’m back in the car game, if only from the periphery and couldn’t be happier about it. I can talk cars with my coworkers, and even though they aren’t into detailing the way we are, it’s still great to be around true car people.

    The wife is starting to get the itch for a new car again and is thinking about a Pilot or an Odyssey minivan. Either of those will test my endurance while polishing, but I’m excited about the chance to work on something new.

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    I’m sorry to hear about your family issues, that must be hard to deal with…

    If you were to buy yourself a new “fun car”, what would you choose now?

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    I’m sorry to hear about your family issues, that must be hard to deal with… If you were to buy yourself a new “fun car”, what would you choose now?

    We’re still on speaking terms, but the car business just belongs to my uncle and his son now. That’s water u dear the bridge and I’ve dealt with it. I still love Mustangs and will probably own another one or two in my lifetime. If I were to buy a fun car, where money is no object, I’d have to look at an Aston Martin (I have an affinity for all things British), or possibly a Ferrari. Those aren’t in the cards, so I’ll probably “settle” for an S3 or S4 for my next vehicle.

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