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    The next step in my automotive journey will be to build a detached garage with a lift. Like many of us, I have scoured the internet for the perfect garage plans with little success. Websites (justgarageplans.c0m and thegarageplanshop.com) are just too generic and do not take into account the questions and need of true enthusiasts. I know I will need to eventually meet with an architect/builder to put my ideas into motion, but I want to be prepared for that meeting and I think this thread will be a great way to organize my thoughts.


    I wanted this topic to be a place where those who have been down this journey of building their garage, can share their plans and share what they can’t live without, or what they would have done differently. Let the idea sharing and dreaming begin!

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    Great idea. Hope some folks jump in just so I can live vicariously. I just had to make the best of our standard sized 3 car split garage in the new home we just bought last year but I day dream about building a custom garage.

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    I agree, I have looked at MANY plans online and none of them seem to meet my needs. The plan Matt had drafted up and he is going to build is pretty good.

    I am probably going to build a 40’x60′ with a 2 post lift to start with the potential of adding an additional 4 post lift at a later time. Hoping to do so within in the next year or so.

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    I haven’t built one myself but I often see guys regretting not heating the floors and not supplying the garage with the appropriate electrical service.

    Skylights are awesome too.

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