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Personal Stuff Your Life Story From Matchbox Cars to Two Bucket Washes

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    Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels got me started.  I would park them all in perfect rows, and “my house” would have a pickup truck, a sports car, and a regular car.  Before I ever knew what a daily driver was, I knew I needed one.  I would go home from school and build model cars.  Chevelle Super Sports, Firebirds, Corvettes, all my favorite TV and movie cars.  The General Lee, Fall Guy truck, A Team vehicles, Miami Vice…I couldn’t get enough.  I was probably high as hell on paint thinner and glue and had no idea.

    I have always been OCD.  Everything in it’s right place.  My life is organized by To Do lists, and nothing feels better than crossing items off that list.  I let things slip to some degree, but always stop to reorganize before moving on to the next thing.

    My Dad has always been a car guy, and had a set of tools, but I would not call him handy.   Not really sure where it came from, but I was always handy.  Taking things apart, organizing the tools, cleaning the one car garage at our house.  My Father would always wash the cars though.  I cringe now when I think of him washing cars in the driveway with an old towel and whatever dish soap my mother had in the kitchen.

    I loved riding in his cars as a kid.  He would have something different every few years.  VW Squareback, 63 Impala Convertible, 62 Pontiac Tempest Convertible, 73 Pontiac Firebird – just weekend cruisers.  He was religious about oil changes, I will never forget that.  3000 miles, change the oil.

    When I was in high school all I wanted was a lifted truck.  Big tires and the most off road lights you could possibly bolt onto it.  Dad bought a 1985 VW Cabriolet convertible.  Not the most masculine vehicle, but I was determined to care for it.  Washed, waxed, repainted the steel wheels, installed fog lights under the bumper(had to have them), and bought and installed my first stereo system.  Built my own subwoofer box, the whole thing.  I’m completely hooked now.

    Once I had my first job out of college I got my dream vehicle.  1990 Jeep Wrangler, 4.0 liter, 5 Speed, hard and soft tops.  Put a screaming stereo in it with a Bazooka Tube behind the back seat.  I thought those were so awesome.  And of course two 6″ KC Hilites on the front bumper.  I absolutely loved that thing, but my job had me driving a ton and YJs are not the ideal highway cruiser.  I bought a 1997 Nissan Maxima SE.  At the time, that car had it all.  Comfort, power, style, and a hint of sports car behavior.  I really got into car forums and modifications with that car.  Sway bar, strut tower brace, intake, etc.  And then got super crazy about keeping it clean and detailed.

    I bought a condo and started a business and drove black pickup trucks from 2004 through 2010.  I swore I would never own a black car after that.  Well I got married, got out of my business, bought a house, and it was time for a sensible vehicle.  I went through two Acura MDXs.  What great vehicles.

    We decided to stay in the same town and build a house.  We sat with an architect and my wife knew exactly what she wanted.  The guy listened to her and sketched it all out.  He turned to me and said, “What would  you like to have in this house?”  I said, “I want a huge garage – no columns.”

    I ended up with a 28×32′ garage, supported by an enormous 24″ LVL, two 10′ doors, and a 6′ double door out the back to the yard.

    The garage is a hybrid of storage, detail shop, mechanic’s bay, and gardening/yard work supplies.

    Now I’m ready for a real car.  I thought I wanted an Audi S4 but after driving a few, then the Infiniti G35, I decided on an E90 335i xDrive.  This is where the sickness really takes hold.  I buy Black Sapphire Metallic.  The paint is in very decent condition, but I start reading and watching youtube videos.  I’m getting $200 packages from Detailed Image, and washing once a week at a minimum.  I already own a pressure washer, so a foam cannon is a must have.

    I start to realize that my neighbors must think I’m insane keeping this black car as perfect as possible.  Especially since I’ve picked up the hot tip of drying the car off with the leaf blower, and of course I own the back pack style blower.  I’ve put that aside and I just go out there with my buckets and all my gear and go for it.

    Embrace the crazy, right guys?  But seriously, no more black cars.

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    I’m with you on the black cars… our current two projects are a 1999 Rav4 and a 2001 MR2 Spyder, both black. Both lived outside and were severely neglected by their previous owners. I’m definitely a detailing amateur, but even spending a few hours on just the Rav4’s hood, I was only able to take the paint from a 3/10 to a 5/10. And they constantly look dirty!

    Good-looking garage! Any reason why the E90 is mentioned as your “real” car, when you have a M3? Just curious.

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    The E90 335i was the car that really got me into detailing.  I guess I kind of trailed off there chronologically.  E90 has since been traded for a 2016 340i. My wife and I sort of share cars. I mainly drive our 2012 Toyota Tundra, and she the F30. I recently bought the E46 as a third car.


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    I would love to build a garage like that! Embrace the crazy!!!!!!!

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    Great choice on the E90! I turned my F30 in not too long ago and really enjoyed it for 3 years.

    How did you get to insert the pictures into your post? (as opposed to attaching at the bottom). I tried doing it through copy/paste, but the pictures would not show.

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