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Anything Detailing Everything in Between Favorite local brands?

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    Give me your favorite local detailing brands. For example, we have a place centered in this area called Gator Detail Supply. Their Showroom Shine is one of the best performing LSP’s I’ve ever used, even though the bubblegum smell isn’t my favorite. HyperWash performed pretty well compared to some other soaps also.

    I’ve looked around for others and I’ve found there are smaller brands all over the place that distribute only to their surrounding areas or they’re only known locally. You guys have any?

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    The packaging isn’t fancy, there’s a place called Knipps.  Never seen their stuff anywhere but their website. http://www.knipps.com/shop/?filter_brand=15 I have a couple of their products, but haven’t used them extensively yet.

    I’ve also used a little known brand called Tec426.  I used their Aqua Glow detail spray.  Smells like gasoline, but beads well for a long time.

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    Show Car Products.  I haven’t used them because they sell to dealers. Similar to a Snap On tool truck.

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