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Anything Detailing Paint Correction Any particular Clay bar to use?


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    Im sure clay bars are all pretty similar but anybody know which one Matt uses or Larry from AMMO?

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    Clay bars are actually very different from each other and the question your asking is really a huge question that would require a lot more information from you.

    Why do you feel that you need a clay bar?

    Whats the condition of the vehicles paint that you intend to use clay on?

    Wave you ever used a clay bar before?

    Do you know how to properly use a clay bar? (Proper lubercation,what stage of the decontamination to use the clay, what type  of clay? Fine Grad –  Mild – Aggressive)

    I would love to help you out brother just answer the questions I asked and we can go from there.


    Aaron G.

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    Matt uses (or sells) these



    Any fine clay will do, I think they are all sourced from about 2 distributors. There was a thread on another forum years ago about clay sources.


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