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I’m all for a taking care of my car, but for some reason I’m not a big fan of cleaning of my interior. So what I do is just try and not mess it up. I know it’s crazy, but my kids aren’t allowed to wear shoes in the car. That way all I need to do is wipe it down, clean the windows, and vacuum the carpets every other wash. You don’t need a ton of stuff to keep the interior dialed in. Just stop eating cheeseburgers when you’re driving.

The Interior Cleaning Procedure: Videos

2015 F80 M3 Interior Detailing

991 GT3 Interior Cleaing Series: Video 1 - Initial Clean-Up

991 GT3 Interior Cleaning Series: Video 2 - Cleaning Alcantara

991 GT3 Interior Cleaning Series: Video 3 - Leather Master 3-Step & Conclusion

The Interior Cleaning Procedure: Product List

I’d been using and very much like Griot’s Interior Cleaner. I saw no real need to switch but picked up a bottle of Cockpit that was on sale. Wow, this stuff is way better. I’m a convert now.

I use this about once a month on the leather. So let’s say I do the 3-step Leather Master process, I’d use Lexol in between to condition. I’m not interior or leather expert, but this combo seems to work well for me.

This is where things get a little tricky. I’ve bought and tried dozens and dozens of towels. I’ve read that you have to get Korean made towels because the Chinese ones are junk. Well, these defy that theory. I use these 360GSM (grams per square meter) towels in combo with 1Z Einszett CockPit for the interior.
They are really, really soft and are super durable. I have 30 of them and am guessing I will have them for 10+ years. Wash in cold with Microrestore and dry on delicate heat.

These towels are rebranded by Detailer’s Domain and are from Buy them from DD in bulk to get the best pricing.

This pretty basic. It doesn’t leave streaks or mess up tint. I use in combo with 16″ x 24″ waffle weave towels.

I’m not a fan of the tight weave microfiber towels that are intended for cleaning windows. They inevitably start dropping lint and are super grabby. These towels don’t do that, and they are the perfect size at 16″ X 24.”

They are the same type of waffle weave as the Adam’s Great White that I love so much. Trust me on this one. These are great for windows.

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