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After the mouse jacked up the wiring, the dealer disconnected my audio system and didn't want to mess with the re-wiring it. Back when finishing the system, I ended up needing to use a ground loop isolator on the input side of the Mosconi. Even with that there is still some faint audible noise that I want to eliminate.
When I did my first oil change I was going to send a sample to Blackstone, but completely forgot to do it. The oil change is super easy, so I turned the camera on while I did it. I just followed Mike in CA's DIY.
Alright my friends, I took one for the team. I left the valves disconnected for a week to be sure I wanted to even perform this test. Believe it or not, the car drones quite a bit less with the Sharkwerks Bypass than with the OEM 3rd Muffler and the valves disconnected. So I decided I will keep it if I don't lose a bunch of low-end power.
Just in case you guys were wondering. I actually do some real work in my garage. I had to do a much needed oil change on the wife's SUV.
I figured it's time to crash some browsers. My photo whoring has no limits. I really love this car. My wife says it's her favorite car that I have ever had. During this time I hit the first 1,000 miles, so I'll be sure to have some commentary on my opinion on the car versus the C2S. I used a 50mm f1.2L fixed lens. I need to get a wide angle lens. For now, here are just a few photos.
This was my second trip to Spartanburg to pick up my second M3. It really is an amazing experience. This time I was able to fly my Dad down from PA to enjoy it and then drive back to FL with me.
My F80 M3 arrived in Savannah on Tuesday, July 15th, 2014. It was to be parked at PCD for a month and a half. I was patiently waiting for my epic M Driving School/PCD/Mountain Trip, and I was starting to get a little antsy about getting rid of my S4.
When I first took delivery of my GT3, my M3 had been at the shop getting lowered and cosmetic parts for at least a week. So the two cars had not even met each other. I almost forgot the M3 even existed... almost. Well they have finally met and look great together!
From the beginning, when I picked up my E92 M3 from the Performance Delivery Center in Spartanburg, SC I have absolutely wanted to do another vehicle delivery there. Well, with my F80 M3 I was able have that opportunity once again, this time around with a few of challenges on the way.

Learning How to Light Paint

Canon 5D MK III
I was messing around with my Fenix flashlight learning how to light paint. It is better to use a stick light, but I don't have one. It's amazing how easy it is.
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