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At the last minute, I got a two day spot from one of my buddies at Titan for the Jumbolair 1/2 Mile Shoot Out that was held about 40 minutes from my house in Ocala.
I had an '99 Electron Blue Honda Civic that I sold to get and AP1 S2000 in 2002. But Electron Blue is the car that got it all started!
A few people had asked me for a comparison of my GT3 to the C2S. At the time I had for about 5,000 miles. I know there aren’t many that have had the privilege to see a 991 GT3 in person let alone drive one, so I decided to do what I always do and give you a bunch more than you bargained for. Before you read too far into this comparison, understand that my viewpoint is that of a regular guy that is driving around town and hitting some Florida back roads with my cars. I completely understand I will never reach the limits of the capability of any of my cars this way. The opinions and observations that I have are based on this set of circumstances. I’m not claiming to be an expert, just a dude that loves awesome cars.
When the F80 hit the 1,500 mile mark it was time to type out some of my thoughts on the car. I decided to follow the proper break in procedure and have kept the car below 5,500 RPMs, other than hitting the dyno for a baseline run just before doing have the first service done.
I was out at Cars and Coffee and we decided to pull the two Monte Carlo Blue M5s next to my Sapphire Blue 911. There are varying shades to both colors depending on the angle and lighting. In person, the Sapphire is just a tiny bit darker blue. If you are thinking Sapphire and can't see one in person, find an M5 in Monte Carlo. It is very, very close.
Alright all, so I finally figured out what the Light Design Package is on my GT3. You get a LED in the front trunk. There are the two that are overhead in addition to the switchable dome lights. The lights in the foot wells are only on when you first get in the car.
Here is the continuation of my opinion of the options that came on my 991 GT3. Others have helped me develop my opinion, so maybe my comments might be of some use.
The time has come to collect my F80 M3!!! I picked up my car from PCD on Tuesday, September 9th, 2014. I ended up changing my trip pretty drastically. I will share my route in the next blog post as it took me a while to dig through the photos from the delivery.
I thought I would give my two cents on what options I wanted, didn't want, and why. Please don't take offense to my comments. Options are very personal. Others have helped me develop my opinion, so maybe my comments might be of some use.
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