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After the mouse jacked up the wiring, the dealer disconnected my audio system and didn't want to mess with the re-wiring it. Back when finishing the system, I ended up needing to use a ground loop isolator on the input side of the Mosconi. Even with that there is still some faint audible noise that I want to eliminate.
For comparison sake I took some measurements of the M3 versus the GT3.
I ended up taking my M3 to PSI. You might call me a sissy for deciding against installing a "simple" lip myself. When I saw the IND photos of the extra center mounting piece, I had a feeling it was going to be pretty involved with drilling and cutting.
There is the same vibrating on cold start with the Akra as OEM. Other than that, I am pleasantly surprised with the sound at idle and under light revs.
I got a little nervous at my new video making spot and ran out of there after making just a few passes. I think it's going to be a good place to make videos. I need to get a regular video camera. DSLR is so hard to get a properly focused video, especially doing it in the super bright sun without someone watching the camera.
At the time I was a bit preoccupied playing with the GT3, so the M3 has been a bit neglected. I tried my best to hold out to see what exhausts comes out for the F8X, but I failed miserably. I threw an offer out to another forum member and after a week or so we settled on I think it was $5,150 for a full Akrapovic Evolution that he had a few miles on. I figured I couldn't go wrong. If I don't like the exhaust, I could easily sell it without losing a bunch of money.
I finally got my new plate to replace the poser X51 C2S one. I wish FL would center the darn lettering.
I had my air bag light come on a few weeks after getting the car. When I took it in to the dealer and they ran the codes, I got several low voltages codes. Those codes could have been from the car sitting at port for months.
Rather than buying new Euro Visors, I figured I'd give removing the stickers a crack. It works on the Porsche, so why not BMW? I started working on it with the visors in the car. These stickers are a lot harder to remove, so I decided to take the visor off the car. You need a set of Torx sockets and a small flat-head screw driver.
After the paint correction, I took a few weeks off of playing with my cars. My wife deleted my install photos of the Sharkwerks Bypass, so my DIY is a no go. The Sharkwerks directions are better than anything I could put together anyway.
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