2017 Ford GT350

Ford GT350


I could always see myself owning some sort of Mustang. I assumed that would be to rev in the garage but never actually drive it on a backroad. Then I read, like most of us, about the upcoming GT350. I thought, “hmm…, that seems right up my ally, a sports car with an epic engine.” The biggest problem I have with the M3 is the engine and sound of it, and there was no question the FPC/V8 would work for me. Early on I thought about adding it, not replacing my beloved M3.

But then I took a trip to the mountains and stayed with a friend that owns a 991 GT3 RS and was madly in love with the GT350. We talked about it for hours. He’s one of the few people in this world that I would trust with car advice. He had spent a day in one and couldn’t stop talking about. So my wheels got turning. I came home from the mountains and got to work. This page shares everything that followed.

GT350 Options & Modifications

Options on My GT350


  • Over the Top Racing Stripe
  • Electronics Package
  • Dual Zone Electric A/C
  • Single CD with Sirius Radio
  • Voice Activated Touch Screen Navigation System
  • Black Stripe with White Accent
Modifications On My GT350


  • List of modifications to come!

GT350 Pictures

You can also view my journal at Mustang6G!

GT350 Videos

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