Detailing Gear

Detailing Gear


This is the area of the site you want to check out if you are into detailing or are looking to dig into my head to learn what I know. This page will continue to evolve as I acquire knowledge and as new technologies and products come out. I have bought and tried a whole bunch of stuff over the roughly 15 years I’ve been detailing my own cars. I’m not a professional. Just a guy that loves taking care of his stuff.

The Essentials


Interior & Glass Essentials

Frankly, I hate cleaning interiors. I don’t often mess mine up, so I don’t know that I’m qualified as an expert. I just know how to keep it clean.

Washing Essentials

If you care to wash your car the same way I do, you are going to need the products in the above link. Just a heads up… This isn’t going to be cheap.

Correction Essentials

Polishers, Pads, and Polish? LSP? I’ll share my go-to combos to hopefully save you some time screwing up like I have.

The Entire Collection

  • Melvin Hoagland

    Hi Matt, I’m setting up my garage and I’ll be looking to you for advice – I’ve already gotten an awful lot just from following the OG Facebook page. For right now, I’m looking to step up my cleaning efforts.

    Can you recommend a system for me? I’ve got three personal cars, including a 991 GTS with a full wrap. I’m thinking of buying a pressure washer, foam cannon, maybe a water conditioning system…? Not looking for professional-level volume, just professional results without breaking the bank. Thanks!

  • Gary Jones

    Hi Matt, instead of having the Load More Gear button can you just load all the products? Thanks

  • Julien Duytsche

    Hi Matt, I’m having some issues with my 93 Miata red single stage. After dialing in the finish and applying a good coat of sealant and wax it begins to oxidize within a week. At the moment it has to constantly be parked in the full sun days which of course isnt great. I’m moving into a house with a garage soon which is awesome and Ill try Meguiars #7 to hopefully return some oils but im not sure if itll work. Do you have any recommendations?

  • Mark Joseph

    Hi Matt. I’m in need of a good leather cleaner for the family car. I can’t take it out of service for a few days to do the leatherique treatment. Any suggestions?

  • Jason Lamb

    Hey Matt,
    I bought some of the MTM QD’S which work great. my question is, when i crank them down, the gasket inside starts to pull a bit, making kind of a weird connection. Also, I’m trying to use the Eley hose with my CR spotless system, but I need a 3/4″ ID male QD for one side, do they make those?

    • You only want to hand tighten the Garden hose QDs. When you over tighten, like you are noticing, the rubber gasket grabs and distorts. You can use the same 3/4″ female couplers on the inlet and outlet of the CR. You just need to use the male to male plastic plugs that come with the CR.

  • Hi Matt, it is impossible to buy Power Lock in Italy without paying a completely ridiculous price due to import and stuff.
    Do you have any close-second alternative to combine with Collinite 845?

    • Hmm… You can’t get Menzerna version in Italy? Maybe try something like Blackfire as the base or Sonax Polymer Net Shield.

      • Nope, for some reason it is one of the only Mezerna product I am not able to find. And your two suggestions seem to be unavailable just the same. Oh my. Well I’ll just layer 845 directly on the paint at this point. Thanks Matt!

  • Gouldness

    Making some purchases today. Love the new site, keep it up!

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